Dr. Karen Y. Zamarripa, Treasurer

Ms. Karen Y. Zamarripa is the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advocacy and State Relations at the California State University (CSU). Ms. Zamarripa works directly with elected officials and their staff, state government and the Governor’s office on budget and legislative matters important to the CSU.

Ms. Zamarripa has almost thirty years of experience in education issues, legislative advocacy, strategic communications, state budget and politics having worked in the legislature, for public schools and the CSU. This experience, along with her academic credentials, gives her a 360-degree view of the legislative process, making her a trusted and familiar expert to all who work on behalf of public higher education in the State Capitol.

A native of Los Angeles County, Ms. Zamarripa earned a B.S. in Urban Planning at the University of Southern California and a M.A. in Public Policy and Administration at CSU Sacramento.

In 2004, Ms. Zamarripa was honored with the Suede Johnson award for her work in higher education. The award recognizes outstanding leadership and achievements in advocacy for higher education.